Redneck Stuff

Redneck Rosy's Ornament
Handwrapped flannelrose bullet casing center ornament

Shotgun Sally's Ornament
Handwrapped flannel rose in a shotgun shell.

Shotgun Sally's Double Loaded Ornament
Handwrapped bullet centered flannel rose in a shotgun shell.

The Original Redneck Ornament 
Medium sized ornament wrapped in flannel strips.

Redneck Bokay
Handwrapped mini flannel roses with a bullet casing in the center, gathered with duct tape and twine. Attached Redneck poem!

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The ORIGINAL Redneck Rose!
$5 each

A Bullet casing front and center inside a hand wrapped rose made just for you out of flannel.  Color request are taken in the many shades of flannel!

**(Roses are usually wrapped on natural sticks unless they are not available at the time then they will be wrapped on a wire stem coated with brown floral tape.)  All roses are hand wrapped so therefore are individually different and vary in shapes and sizes. Standard wrapped roses measure about 3.5"-4"  across the actual rose.  Natural stick stem lengths vary as well.**